Advantages of Using the Best Paint Sprayer

If you are searching for the best paint prayer in the market, HVLP Sprayers are by far the best choice. It is highly recommended by many paint experts for its versatile and easy to use functions. HVLP sprayers are far quieter compared to the standard airless sprayer design, with a stronger engine that ensures a steady, consistent finish that will look good on your material once done.

The only downside with most of HVLP sprayers is their inability to fully utilize un-thinned paint. Sure, you can still use the said material, but you won’t have a better experience compared to using a batch of already thinned latex paint. This is no deal breaker though, and the HVLP may still be the best paint sprayer that you can find in the market, despite this minor handicap. It is not difficult to use thinner on paint that is mostly water, after all, and any painter worth their salt would quickly ignore this small hurdle.

For transparency’s sake, however, the HVLP has another fault that needs mentioning, one that may dissuade you from considering it as the best paint sprayer out there. Since it has a powerful engine, it has a habit of spreading too much paint on the surface of your material, and may end up making the end result appear runny. But do not worry, this is easily resolved by watching how much paint you apply during the job.

By creating a few thin layers of paint as opposed to the standard single run, it will ensure that your surface will not suffer a thick, uneven and runny finish. It may take time, but HVLPs are excellent when it comes to providing a professional finish.

Another reason HVLPs are the top choice when looking for the best paint sprayer is its massive difference with its airless counterpart. Airless sprayers, as opposed to the HVLP’s vacuum-type engine, squeeze paint out using intense pressure. It is a noisy machine that can be inconvenient to use, especially when you’re spraying inside your house. However, there are many who would attest to its effectiveness; unlike HVLPs, airless sprayers can be loaded with non-thinned paint.

The major downside in its performance though is its tendency to scatter too much paint around, eventually translating to a great deal of wasted paint, and therefore wasted money. If you will still opt to go with this particular choice, then you should consider using it in a controlled or open area to avoid scattering paint towards objects you weren’t planning on coating.

Another reason most people tend to avoid airless sprayers is because of their parts. They are cumbersome and difficult to replace, making them ineffective when it comes to versatility. Simply put, if you are gunning for a specific speed and you require a machine that will allow you to cover a large area quickly, go with airless sprayers. But if you are looking for the best paint sprayer in the market, one that will provide you with a marvelous, professional finish at the cost of time, then your best bet would be the HVLP. Good luck and happy painting!