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What Is the Best Paint Sprayer?

For the hardworking handyman, there is always a constant search for the best paint sprayer that money can buy. There are different kinds that feature different functions, so it’s easy to become confused which one truly is the best among all of them. Good news though: you won’t need more than two hundred dollars if you know what makes one the best paint sprayers out there.

Small sprayers, despite their size, display a far better level of performance compared to their larger counterparts. Before you begin to purchase any, you should know the different categories of sprayers out there in the market. The first one is called an airless sprayer, a compact size sprayer with a small pump installed within it. The second one is known as an HVLP, or high volume low-pressure for short. This one sports a more sophisticated mechanical design and a powerful engine.

Before the advent of the HVLP, the airless sprayer was the king of the spraying scene. However, developers focused on creating something quieter and stronger, and thus the HLVP was born. It was lauded by common consumers and experts alike for its impressive performance. However, it is not without faults.

Many HVLP models, being an iteration of the design of the original airless sprayer, were found to be incapable of using latex coating that is not thinned. Despite that, they still have a lot of considerable pros that allow them to stay at the top of the spray scene, such as the ability to maximize paint sprayed on the target surface, with minimized aerial wastage. An HVLP sprayer is also easy to use, even for someone who has never handled a paint sprayer before, which makes it ideal for both old and new consumers.

So it’s already clear that HVLPs are the way to go when searching for the best sprayers out there. However, there are certain considerations when purchasing a unit. It pays to know what kind of features you should pay attention to when checking out different models since this will allow you to find the best paint sprayer that is easy on your budget and will perform perfectly well.

When checking a model, ask to test it first. What you are looking for here is how dense the spray pattern will be. A dense spray pattern allows you to coat the surface of your material evenly. Avoid ones that scatter too much since this will translate to a diluted paint finish, which will appear noticeably uneven once you are done spraying. Make sure to ask the clerk if you can test the tool first before buying it.

Always check the solid point of the spray. The best ones out there are made of brass, and should be detachable to allow you to change the tip size whenever you need to. These are also convenient when it comes to maintenance since brass is durable, easy to wash and very cheap. If you can find a model that allows for more than two types of points, then consider that one. Keeping these two things in mind will allow you to easily find the best paint sprayer that you can purchase with your given budget. Good luck and have fun!