Difference between HVLP and Airless Paint Sprayers

Deciding between associate degree HVLP or close paint sprayer is alittle confusing.

The makers believe that a painter ought to own each of those sprayers.

There area unit 3 items of apparatus which will complete the work of painting simply.

They are the pressure washer, close spray painter, and HVLP or high-volume, unaggressive paint sprayer.

Operating Basics

The HVLP paint sprayer is associate degree upgraded version of a conventional sprayer. These area unit the most recent innovation within the line of spraying paint.

With associate degree close sprayer, the piston pressurizes the fabric through atiny low gap. With the HVLP sprayer, air is pumped up from associate degree compressor or rotary engine for optimum atomization.

The most important distinction is that with associate degree close sprayer the air mass is made through the employment of hydraulic pumps instead of with associate degree compressor.

Transfer Rate
Airless paint sprayers have a transfer rate of concerning five hundredth of materials whereas HVLP sprayers have concerning ninetieth. which means that HVLP paint sprayers turn out less waste than close sprayers.

Airless sprayers area unit a lot of powerful with concerning 2000 PSI of pressure that is what contributes to plenty of the waste. HVLP sprayers can operate at concerning ten PSI.

Material Density
When employing a form of materials in your sprayer, it’ll be necessary to know the variations between what they’ll handle. associate degree close sprayer handles air mass thus there’s no need to skinny the materials.

It ought to be ready to handle most viscosities with ease.

An HVLP paint sprayer can’t handle thicker materials while not the correct cutting needs. victimisation enamel latex paints are troublesome as a result of HVLP sprayers don’t use air mass.

Paint Outcome
The HVLP sprayers feature higher atomization that the painting are of a better quality and skilled trying.

When activity sensitive jobs, victimisation associate degree HVLP sprayer can offer you higher performance than the standard close sprayer.

Time to finish Jobs
An close sprayer can use paint at concerning a pair of gallons per minute. The HVLP sprayers use way less associate degreed don’t have the speed that an close sprayer can.

That is why many of us like better to use the close versions once doing exterior painting comes.

Airless paint sprayers area unit capable of handling much more paint materials with less cutting required. they’re typically moveable and may simply apply those thick paints to larger areas.

Within a moment, and close sprayer can apply many gallons of paint. That’s why these models area unit popular contractors World Health Organization have to be compelled to paint massive surface areas quickly.


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