Maintain your sprayer

We have aforesaid persistently before that hindrance is far higher than a cure. Maintaining your transportable paint sprayer may be a good way to assist scale back malfunction based mostly injuries.

Clean & store transportable paint sprayer properly.
Cleaning and storing your transportable paint sprayer within the right means is that the best thanks to forestall any problems together with your machine that might result in injuries.

Taking that small little bit of beyond regular time to get rid of paint or secure the sprayer throughout transit will extremely pay off.

We suggest running an answer of water and anti-freeze through your sprayer each currently then to stay things running swimmingly on the within.

Sprayer tip maintenance.
Keeping your sprayer basketball shot ‘tip-top shape’ can facilitate forestall any reserve problems.

Sprayer tips ar ill-famed for obtaining clogged and broken.

Check out our orient the way to free your sprayer tip if you run into this issue.

Hose repairs.
The hose is that the possibly a part of the sprayer that might cause a paint injection injury. By taking excellent care of them and replacement them at the primary sign of issues you’ll be creating safety a priority for you and your team.

A protecting material can facilitate forestall paint from drying onto your transportable paint sprayer and stop elements from seizing up.

Fix any electrical problems straight off.
First, check your electrical supply and extension cords because it doubtless|is probably going} they’ll be the offender however if they verify fine it’s likely a tangle together with your sprayer.

Electrical problems don’t seem to be one thing to be vie around with once it involves your transportable paint sprayer. Electrical malfunctions ar an enormous safety liability and may be treated with the utmost caution and priority.


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