Painting On Wood Furniture with a Paint Sprayer

Do-It-Yourself, or DIY, comes square measure in style not just for the budget-savvy however conjointly for people who fancy swing a individualised bit on their homes, within and out. once thirty eighth of american citizens complete DIY comes, you’re not alone if you would like to remove into the DIY world.

Painting on wood article of furniture could be a nice DIY project as a result of you’ll be able to take things you already own (you save money!), and with paint, you’ll be able to refresh and personalise.

Just because you would like to color your article of furniture with a DIY project, doesn’t mean you would like it to require days. hand-held paint sprayers will facilitate speed your project on.

painting on wood
Once you’ve got the correct paint sprayer for your DIY job, you’ll wish to follow these 5 steps to form the foremost of your project:

homework your painting house
shield and preserve hardware
Sand till your article of furniture is swish
Prime and sand some additional
Spray your paint

That list might sound overwhelming initially, however don’t worry–we’ve got your back! Keep reading to find out however following these steps for painting on wood will yield nice results.

Painting on wood, like most DIY comes, is done the correct approach or the incorrect approach. Let’s start the correct way!

Prep the world for Painting on Wood
There’s one question you would like to answer before you even start painting on wood: wherever does one attempt to paint?

If you’re about to paint outdoors, there square measure some things to think about. square measure you painting on a drop fabric or driveway? A plastic or willvas drop fabric can kee

A plastic or willvas drop fabric can keep your landscaping paint-free. After all, you would like to color your article of furniture, not your shrubbery.

If you’re about to paint inside, a drop fabric could be a excellent place to start out however it would not be enough.

The good news is that you simply will construct a paint spraying booth with some easy materials.

There’s no have to be compelled to construct a full building. With some PVC pipes, plastic textile, and tape, you’ll be able to build a custom spray booth (and it’s sort of a bonus DIY project!).

Handle the Hardware
When you’re able to paint, you would like the paint to travel on the wood–not on handles, hinges, drawer pulls or knobs.

There square measure 2 ways that you’ll be able to handle the hardware to shield it from paint:

take away the hardware
cowl the hardware

The choice is yours–keep reading to work out that is correct for you and your specific piece of article of furniture.

Remove It
Removing hardware is that the best thanks to guarantee it doesn’t get most as a drop of paint thereon, however there’s the danger that you simply would possibly lose a bit and be unable to exchange it.

That’s why you’ll wish to form absolute to place the hardware and any screws or nails during a safe place.

A jar, associate degree cube receptacle, and a bowl all create nice temporary storage containers that you simply most likely have lying round the house.


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